Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alzheimer, Dementia

My Husband Grandma who is 97 years old and this past year has started showing signs of Alzheimer, Dementia, its been getting bad now and she has times when she becomes mean, and late at night try's to go out side break windows, singing loud all day and night, seeing the dead talking to people that are not there! and talking about baby coming in and out and so on..

So I had an ideal seance she is on this baby kick I decided to go out a buy a baby doll well this is her 3rd day with the baby doll and she is now calmed down and sleeps all night with the baby doll she thinks its a real baby and that its my baby that she is taking care of. she tells me this I can only take care of one baby not 2 and I laughed :)

I will keep you updated to see how long this works, my mother-in-law was going to put her in a nursing home but now she says that she wont have to do that now seance I bought the baby doll.

anyone with a loved one should try this also I started before the baby doll I would give grandma laundry to fold that helps to! but the baby doll is the key that works so far so stay tuned, if you can spread the word to your nursing homes near you or were your loved one is staying..

This baby doll is for sale in my blujay store!

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