Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garage and yard sales are starting

I love to stop at garage sales and estate sales I am a big bargain hunter I look for vintage old items and rare items so in this post I will be talking about what is a good by and what to look for on your bargain shopping, also join in and tell us what you found or if you have a ?.
Look what I found guess what it is!



Military Momz said...

We are hoping to have a huge yard sale soon. We were in the midst of cleaning out my mom's house, but have had some family illness and so much going one!

Military Momz said...

made almost $200 last weekend with a thrown together real quick yard sale! My Air Force son and DIL are here now. Surprised me! I was expecting them next weekend. I havent seen them since we flew out to CA to see them before he left to go to Iraq, so I am having a GREAT weekend and hope you are too!!!

Anonymous said...

Garage sales are great feel free to check out this site to list a sale with mapped out directions it is called http://www.garagesalestracker.com

alexjohn said...

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