Friday, March 19, 2010

Soop Cemetery is one of the most misunderstood haunting sites in Michigan.

Just found and visited a Cemetery here in Michigan and found out it is Haunted, this Cemetery is near my home!

Soop Cemetery is one of the most misunderstood haunting sites in Michigan. It is often associated with victim Jane Mixer, 23, of serial murderer, John Collins, being left on a grave in 1968. However, this did not occur at Soop. Jane, a law student of the University of Michigan, was left shot and strangled in a cemetery in Denton Township; not a cemetery on Old Denton Road. This belief even further unravels when new information and a DNA match in November 2004 linked Jane's death to murderer, Gary Earl Leiterman. (Detroit Free Press, January 14th, 2005). Leiterman was convicted. However, the legend of Collins and the body resting at Soop continues among haunted location sites and ghost "research" groups in the area.

The second common myth of Soop Cemetery is that Elizabeth Soop was a black witch who enjoys scaring visitors in the afterlife. Elizabeth Soop did practice witchcraft. However, her living ancestors who keep the family history have no information about her supposed witchcraft (as reported by family member Andrea, at People also report that the tombstone with the two hands pointing down is Elizabeth's tombstone and sign of her evil practice. However, there are two tombstones marked Elizabeth Soop in this cemetery. Neither have this image. The Elizabeth in question's grave is near the rear of the cemetery next to the tombstone of Federick. In addition, hands together in prayer generally means "devotion" in tombstone symbolism. Hand(s) pointing downward means God reaching down for them.

The most outlandish rumor is that this cemetery is also the famed "Butler Cemetery" ( Butler Cemetery is located in Westland. Soop Cemetery is now referred to as Pleasantview Cemetery. Many still refer to it as Soop Cemetery since this was the prevalent family buried there in the beginning.

With all these false rumors and allegations, this does not mean Soop is not haunted. There are numerous reports of mists, apparitions, EVP, and thermal shifts for decades to warrant this as a good research spot.

Soop Cemetery
Old Denton Road
Belleville, MI 48111

Soop is in Bellville, Michigan off of the I-94 (south side) service dr.
on Old Denton Rd.(small dirt road behind the Diamond Back Bar). Theres a party store right on the corner of I-94 Service Dr and Old Denton Rd.

Haunting Symptoms:
Apparitions, Partial Location, Site Specific
Temperature, Cold Spots Visuals, Smoke

here is a site that someone took pictures

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