Saturday, February 27, 2010

Did you no?

If you have a mail and account you can have a profile page and connect with other people they see your updates and so on.. and also you can connect your to your profile and twitter, facebook and other sites.

this is neat what yahoo mail has done did you no now you have tools on your mail there's notepad and you can upload pictures and ad text to the images and size them and so on..

heres what you can do:
on the left had side of when your logged into your yahoo mail account you will see on your bottom left side of your page (Applications)

1.Attach large files
"This application allows you to attach up to 100MB of files to each e-mail. It's easy to use, no registration, and it's free!"
2.Automatic Organizer
"Organizes low priority messages -- newsletters, coupons, promotions, receipts, etc into folders, which prioritizes email from real people in your Inbox, and summarizes it all in a digest so you don't miss anything important."
4.Edit Photos
"Get friends together by sending an Evite invitation right from Yahoo! Mail."
"Share your photos with friends and family using Yahoo! Mail."
7.My Drive
"Take all your files with you everywhere. Send large files right from Yahoo! Mail."
8.My Photos
"Use PayPal to send money to, or request money from, just about anyone around the world with an email address or phone number. It's fast and easy."
10.Pingg Invitations
"Create and send free, stylish online invites directly within Yahoo! Mail. Manage RSVPs, Reminders and Follow-Ups without leaving your Inbox. Get Well Sent!"

this is a great way to connect with your buyers and friends check out my profile on yahoo and look at my plurk :)


The Postcard Emporium said...

Thanks Deb, I see it and my daughter and I are connected but really did not understand the purpose.

camilynn said...


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Alba's Exclusive Events said...

Great tips deb, thanks, I will definitely share them as well.

Debs Blogs said...

Yes I think its great to have! people that want to no what you as a seller or business owner is up to having this yahoo account and its features is great :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog Deb and great tips out here ;)